Etika have been working with the InsightAsia Qualitative teams for more than 3 years thus far, and the working experience with the teams have been great both locally and across the SEA region. They have great knowledge about the market both on the beverage industry as well as the local culture. Most importantly, they are willing to share their experience, knowledge and learnings generously about the market with Etika making our journey venturing into any new market an easier and interesting one.

The team also has high level of flexibility in cooperating with Etika in success-ing the researches, especially for those researches that have tight timelines. Even with short timelines, the teams have not failed the show their enthusiasm in getting the best level of information and insights for Etika – which we are grateful for and highly appreciated it.   

One thing I admire about the teams are the high level of cooperation and good relationship with each other across countries, be it their sister company or with local partners – making the working process much efficient and beneficial to us as a FMGC client, since we are always in need of quick responses.

It feels great working with InsightAsia as I know I have a strong team to rely on and they always have my back when I need assistance.